Allergies : Tips to Make Your Valentine Feel Special

If you or your Valentine has food allergies, traditional treats like candy and cupcakes could trigger an allergic reaction rather than say "I love you." The following tips will make anyone -- especially people with food allergies -- feel special on February 14.

Skip the candy. Express your love by making your own Valentines! If DIY Valentines aren't your cup of tea, a handwritten note in a silly card can be sweet and meaningful. Stickers and pencils are great ideas for kids.

Direct your loved one to treats you can have. There are plenty of allergy-friendly chocolates, cookies, and other goodies available at your natural market. A not-so-subtle hint a few days prior to Valentine's day will be much appreciated.

Validate feelings of being left out. The Kids with Food Allergies website recommends acknowledging the disappointment, frustration, and feelings of being left out with your loved one. Food allergies are frustrating and difficult to deal with on a daily basis, but holidays like Valentine's day can really make people with food allergies feel like they're missing out.

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